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American Artist is the leading monthly magazine for representational and figurative artists. They’ve been inspiring and instructing readers for 75 years by publishing articles that are geared towards helping artists improve their skills through the use of step by step demonstrations, examples and insights into the work of master painters and a wealth of information pertaining to workshops and advanced studies. In addition to American Artist magazine, their publications also include Drawing, Watercolor and special issues such as Still Life Painting Highlights and Portrait & Figure Painting Highlights.

I’ve been inspired over the years by the articles that American Artist has published and have learned a great deal from the artists that they interview as well as the step by step photos of paintings in progress. By seeing how an artist started a painting, I get a much better idea as to how they arrived at the finishing stages. American Artist does an excellent job at showing the viewer these critical steps in order to give them a better understanding of the unique thinking process of each of the artists that they feature. The way in which an artist paints reveals a great deal about how they think and American Artist captures this unique perspective in each of their informative issues.

Brian Neher American Artist 9 copy

Here’s an example of American Artist’s step by step instruction.

I highly recommend American Artist for those who are looking for a source of inspiration that will help guide and educate them in their studies.


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For information about American Artist and to learn more about each of their publications visit This site is also a great resource for current news and events in the art world and contains an informative blog section which includes topics for every artist.