Congratulations to Taaron Parsons for being the winner of last week’s “You Be The Judge” art contest! The voting for contest #3 was through the roof and there were only four votes separating the top two paintings. The difference between first and third place was only five votes! Remember, it’s up to you to help decide the winner of each contest and this just goes to show the importance of each of those votes.

As the winner of contest #3, Taaron’s entry, “Felicia Head Study” will be included in the final contest at the end of the month for a chance to win an entire set of art DVDs. He will also have his choice of which download he would like (either Drawing, Value, Color or Edges) as well as having his winning entry featured on my Facebook page.

Taaron Parsons d

Taaron’s winning entry, “Felicia Head Study”, 16″ x 12″, Oil on Linen

Taaron’s paintings articulate an incredible amount of maturity and movement with each confident brush stroke. In addition to painting landscapes and still life, Taaron also paints commissioned portraits. I’ve included two more of his paintings here so that you, too, can enjoy the tremendous talent of this young artist. For additional information about Taaron or to see more of his work, be sure to visit his website at

Taaron Parsons e

“The Cellist”

Taaron Parsons e2

“Sienna Sketch”

Voting has begun for contest #4 which will decide who our final weekly winner will be for this month. If you get a chance, be sure to vote for your favorite painting. Your vote could be the determining factor in deciding who goes to the final round next week!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in last week’s contest