Well, this is it – Our final round for the “You be the Judge” art contest! Here are the four weekly winners from this month’s contests. It’s up to you to decide who will be the grand prize winner by voting for your favorite painting. The painting that receives the most votes by midnight EST on Monday, December 5, 20ll will be the winner, so be creative in getting others to vote for your favorite painting!

Each of the paintings is displayed with the artist’s name, title, size and medium, along with an assigned number at the bottom. The order in which the paintings are displayed is an exact match to those that are shown in the voting box at the bottom of the blog. Once you’ve decided which painting to vote for, simply click your choice and then press the “CLICK HERE TO VOTE” button at the bottom. Only one vote per computer is allowed, so make it count! The winner will be announced next week on Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

Holiday Complete Set

This week’s winner will receive an entire set of instructional art DVDs!

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the contest and hope that it has been an enjoyable experience for both the artists who submitted work as well as for those who voted for their favorite painting. I received a tremendous response from artists all over the world and am considering having another art contest some time in the future. If this would be something that might be of interest to you, just let me know by leaving your thoughts or a comment below.

Thanks again!

Taaron Parsons final copy

Karen Killian1 final copy


Roberto Visconti final copy


Karen Killian2 final copy