Each time I see a painting by late nineteenth century artists like John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla or Anders Zorn, I feel motivated to pick up a brush and begin painting. Their work inspires me to strive for excellence and shows me the beautiful possibilities that can be achieved on canvas. Inspiration plays an important role for an artist and having access to great resources that will motivate and encourage you throughout the day are important tools of the trade. It’s one reason why I’m always on the lookout for images of paintings that I hadn’t seen before by some of these great masters. Their work continues to inspire artists today, revealing what’s possible in paint and motivating them to achieve a high standard of excellence and accomplishment.

Artist, Dan Gerhartz, is a modern day master whose work is reminiscent of the great painters of the past. Inspired by artists like Carl Von Marr and Nicolai Fechin, the work of Dan Gerhartz captures the emotions and honesty in each of his subjects and strives to record the beauty that is found in the world around us.


Photo of Dan Gerhartz in his studio from Southwest Art magazine interview.

Dan_Gerhartz_You_be_the_Judge_art_contest_Brian_Neher_Goodness and Mercy

From the warm sunlight that illuminates the hair of a child on the beach to the cool shadows that are found in the snow during a Wisconsin winter, Dan records it all with the same wonder and amazement that one senses when experiencing something for the first time. This curiosity for capturing beauty has led him to explore a wide range of subjects including figures, landscapes and still life.



I’ve had the opportunity to visit with Dan Gerhartz on a couple of occasions and can honestly say that he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Both times, he was extremely generous and forthcoming with me in sharing his knowledge and experience as a professional artist. His willingness to help educate and inspire others is a clear reflection of his outstanding character and one that continues to influence artists of all ages through his workshops, book and videos.



Whenever I’m asked about what art books I would recommend to other artists, Dan’s book, Not Far from Home, ranks as one of my favorites. It contains some of the best color reproductions that I’ve ever seen in an art book.

Dan Gerhartz book

I wrote a blog last year about Not Far from Home, but wanted to show you what’s inside the book so that you can see the quality for yourself. Here’s a video that will give you an inside look at the book as well as some of my own thoughts about Dan Gerhartz and his work:

[youtube_advanced url=”http://youtu.be/tkAXQ8Fvwag” width=”480″ height=”280″ autohide=”yes” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”]

Dan has also produced a fantastic instructional art video which explains his approach to painting from life and demonstrates his process from start to finish. The video is called Her Mother’s Locket and contains six hours of instruction. This video is available in both a DVD version as well as an online video streaming format. It was filmed on location from Dan’s studio and contains some great information and is one that I highly recommend. This video is also included in the Grand Prize package of the You be the Judge Art Contest. I’m honored to have Dan Gerhartz as one of this year’s sponsors and know that the video will be a tremendous inspiration to the Grand Prize winner.

Here’s a clip from Her Mother’s Locket:

[youtube_advanced url=”http://youtu.be/VdjfPUFChrk” width=”480″ height=”280″ autohide=”yes” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”]

Dan is also getting set to release a new video, The Beginning of Autumn, which will be available in both DVD and Blue-Ray. Here are a couple of clips from the upcoming video:

[youtube_advanced url=”http://youtu.be/ACfUZhUaB2U” width=”480″ height=”280″ autohide=”yes” showinfo=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”]


The Beginning of Autumn

For more information about Dan Gerhartz and his amazing work visit www.DanielGerhartz.com.