When it comes to the subject of art, there are no secrets. All of the information that is needed to learn how to paint can be found in museums, books, videos, workshops, the internet and by exchanging information with other artists, just to name a few. There has never been a more opportune time in history for an artist than right now. Not only do we have the advantage of learning from the discoveries and results of past masters, but we also have the technology available to instantly share our work with a worldwide audience.

I’ve always liked the idea of sharing when it comes to art, whether it’s posting a great painting by some of my favorite artists or recommending a great art book that may help to inspire someone in their own career. I’m always on the lookout for those artists who are willing to share what they’ve learned over the years because I know, firsthand, the tremendous impact it can have on someone’s life. If it wasn’t for those who took the time to share their knowledge and experience with me over the years, I wouldn’t be painting commissioned portraits or writing this blog today. It takes a unique and rare individual who is willing to share their story in such a convincing way that it inspires others to begin writing a new chapter in their own life’s story.


Artist, Morgan Weistling, is a master at telling great stories, one canvas at a time. Some of the greatest storytellers have a way of not only grabbing an audience’s attention, but also the ability to keep their interest level high until the very end. How a story is delivered is often times as important as the story, itself. Just as an author carefully chooses his words wisely in order to have the greatest impact on his readers, Morgan Weistling applies each brush stroke as another visual word or sentence in each of the stories that he tells.




Once a highly sought after illustrator for Hollywood’s film industry, Morgan’s work continues to be in great demand by collectors around the world, with each new work in a show often being sold on or before opening night. Whatever the narrative, Morgan Weistling has a gift for conveying emotion in each of his subjects. He has a way of drawing the viewer into the story and making them feel as if they, too, are taking part in a visual tale that begins to unfold right before their eyes.




Not only is Morgan a fantastic artist, but he’s also a great teacher. In his instructional video, Advanced Fundamentals for the Beginning Expert, Morgan generously demonstrates each step of the painting process, all the way from setting up the model and stretching the canvas to applying the final touches. He walks you through the thinking process of painting and explains the reasoning behind what he’s doing as he goes along during this demonstration which was filmed during the course of six days in his studio. Not only do you get to see some incredible close ups, but you also get a view of how he is mixing each color on his palette. It feels as though you are sitting right next to him in his studio and watching how he works. In addition to the demonstration, Morgan has also included what he calls “Side Trips” as well. These are short talks that cover specific topics such as Values, Shapes, Color, Color Sketches and even a short portrait demonstration. The video is packed with solid information for artists of every skill level.


Morgan has also produced another video titled Painting for the Impatient which focuses on two different approaches to painting a head study. Each one is completed in about three hours, similar to the time constraints that you would find in a workshop setting. There’s also footage of Morgan giving a hands on critique and demonstration session with other artists which takes place during an actual workshop setting. The beautiful quality of the close ups of both of the paintings and the palette during these demonstrations, along with the solid information that Morgan delivers, makes this a fantastic video that’s sure to inspire any artist.


As one of the sponsors of the You be the Judge art contest 2013, Morgan Weistling has donated a set of each of his instructional art videos. Both Advanced Fundamentals for the Beginning Expert and Painting for the Impatient are included in the Grand Prize package which will be awarded in just a few weeks! Both of these videos are ones that I highly recommend to other artists and I’m so honored to have Morgan be a part of this year’s contest. To learn more about the art contest visit www.YouBeTheJudgeArtContest.com for all of the details.

If you’re not familiar with Morgan Weistling’s work, I would highly recommend taking a look at his website at www.MorganWeistling.com where you can view dozens of his beautiful paintings and learn more about each of his instructional art videos.