Learning how to see is one of the most challenging hurdles that an artist faces when it comes to the subject of painting. It’s not just a matter of looking at something in front of you, but choosing how you will paint that subject. This selective process takes place in the mind’s eye and acts as a filter between the raw facts that are presented before you in nature and the brush strokes that you place on your canvas. It’s what I would refer to as artistic interpretation. Each artist sees the world around them through their own unique set of eyes, circumstances and, ultimately, interpretation.

Artist Quang Ho is a master at the art of interpretation. Each of his paintings conveys a sense of mood and energy which helps to create a visual dialogue between the viewer and the work of art. A constant conversation of various edges, subtle color and well designed composition holds the viewer’s attention, allowing time for a greater appreciation of his subject’s character and personality.


Here are a few examples of some of Quang’s beautiful paintings:






In order to be an effective interpreter, you first have to understand the language that you are translating. For artists, this means learning the essential visual vocabulary that’s needed in order to communicate. Once these principles are understood, the artist is then equipped with the necessary vocabulary needed to interpret his subjects in a visual language that can be understood by the viewer.

In his instructional art video, Nuts & Bolts, Quang Ho shares his knowledge and experience with other artists so that they, too, can learn how to understand and grasp the tools that are needed to be an effective communicator. With an emphasis on learning how to see as an artist, Quang shares his thoughts on drawing, understanding values, light and shadow, as well as the tools and materials that he uses. The video contains valuable information that can only be acquired through a lifetime of experience and experimentation. Quang is extremely generous in sharing everything that he’s learned over the years with other artists so that they, too, can gain a greater insight into how to paint and also avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that he experienced early on in his career.


Quang has also produced two additional instructional art videos that demonstrate his approach to painting both a still life and a figure from start to finish.

In Painting the Still Life in Light and Shadow, he shares his thought process from the very initial stages of setting up and lighting the subject to systematically breaking down the painting process from the block-in to the finishing stages. Viewers have the opportunity to see how he approaches the subject of composition and his philosophical ideas and reasoning behind building a beautiful structure.


In Painting the Figure in an Interior, Quang tackles the challenges of painting a figure within the context of a larger environment. An emphasis on “local tone” is taught as the foundation for building structure rather than the use of strong light and shadow. Quang explains every stage during the painting process, allowing the viewer to grasp and understand the concepts that are being taught.


Quang Ho is an extremely gifted teacher and master painter. If you’re looking for a valuable art resource to add to your media library, I would highly recommend taking a look at Quang’s instructional art series. I’ve greatly admired his work over the years and am always inspired whenever I see one of his paintings. I especially like his recent series of restaurant paintings which convey a great sense of activity and movement. Here are a few examples of some of my favorites from the series:





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To see more of Quang Ho’s beautiful paintings and to learn more about each of his instructional art videos visit www.quangho.com.