I’m always on the lookout for art resources that not only provide high quality images to study from, but also publish the information that I’m looking for in order to grow as an artist. Artists on Art magazine is a great example of one of these resources and I’ve been extremely impressed with both the content and quality of the first three issues that they’ve published.


I wrote a blog a few months ago about this online magazine and am honored to be included in their latest Summer issue. Since the artists who are featured in each issue have the opportunity to write the articles themselves, I tried to pack in as much information as possible, including a step by step demonstration of a recent portrait commission as well as a new video clip from my DVD, Painting Outdoor Light, which talks about the subject of value relationships and temperature changes in color.


A step-by-step demonstration from start to finish of this painting is included in the latest issue of Artists on Art magazine.


I’ve found Artists on Art magazine to be a great resource over the past few months and I would highly recommend taking a look at it if you get a chance.

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