Artists have an inherent sense of curiosity and are always looking for ways to improve their skills. Whether it’s trying out new materials to work with or experimenting with various techniques, the journey of discovery is a lifelong process in an artist’s career. Not only is this type of study and experimentation crucial in the growth and development of an artist’s skills, but it often relies on the resources and budget that they have to work with. Finding an art supply source that provides the lowest prices for the materials that you’re looking for could have a great impact on your growth as an artist. Experience comes as a result of practice, so being able to afford the materials needed to gain this experience is very important.

Art Supply Warehouse has been providing artists with a low price guarantee since 1980, affording them the opportunity to improve their skills by providing them with the deepest discounts on the materials and brands that they love most. They can offer these huge discounts on over 55,000 art supplies and materials because they deal directly with the factory and from a warehouse of art supplies.


They’re a large supplier of the world’s finest brands of art supplies and were the first to come up with a one priced shipping policy on any size order. I’ve been a customer of ASW Express for years and highly recommend them to other artists who are looking for the lowest prices on the brands that they’ve come to know and trust. They’re also a great resource for trying out new materials that meet every budget.

Last year I had the opportunity to move outside of my artistic comfort zone and experiment with Lukas 1862 Artist’s Oil Colors, a fantastic product that not only works well, but is very inexpensive when compared to other well known brands.


The two major differences that I saw when using the Lukas 1862 paint was the creamier consistency and the overall drying time. Because of having more of a slightly fluid consistency, I was able to achieve some beautiful wet into wet transitions and soft edges while painting. The other noticeable difference was the short amount of time it took for the painting to dry. Instead of waiting up to a week for some colors to dry to the touch, Lukas 1862 oils set up in just a matter of days, allowing me to work over top of previous layers more quickly. One of the unique qualities about the Lukas 1862 paint is that they use bees wax as one of the ingredients in each of their colors which may play a part in the faster drying time. I was extremely impressed with the high pigment content of the paint and the results that I was able to achieve when mixing flesh tones.


Here are some photos of the commissioned portrait that I painted using the Lukas 1862 oil paint:




I’m honored to have ASW Express as one of the sponsors of the “You be the Judge” art contest 2013. The Grand Prize winner will receive $75 in Lukas paint! To learn more about ASW Express and Lukas paints visit

To learn more about the You be the Judge art contest 2013 visit The Grand Prize winner will be announced on June 26th!