Commitment and determination are important factors in the development of an artist’s career. In order to reach a goal, you have to decide that you’re going to accomplish it at some point in the future and then do what it takes to achieve the end result. This final outcome isn’t always arrived at by setting your sights directly on the target goal, but requires more effort in order to hit the mark. Think of it this way: You’re an archer who is standing at one end of a football field with a bow and arrow. The circular target is at the opposite end of the field. Your goal is to place that arrow in the bull’s eye of the target. In order to do this, you can’t simply aim in a straight line directly at the target on the opposite end of the field and then pull back the bow and release the arrow, expecting to hit the bull’s eye. If you do, the arrow won’t have enough force behind it to carry it all the way to the other end of the field. So, what’s the solution? In order to reach the goal, you have to aim higher. By doing so, the arrow will soar farther, ultimately reaching the intended target.

Blick Art Materials has been setting their sights higher since 1911 in order to reach their goal of providing the best customer service in the industry. Not only do they stock over 60,000 products in their warehouse to provide the best selection and availability, but they also staff full-time product information specialists who are “art material experts” that can answer any questions that you have. Better yet, Blick Art Materials has real people answering the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week!



Blick offers a wide variety of art supplies in order to meet each artist’s unique needs. Because of their unmatched purchasing power, you can find the best values on the products that you’re looking for. I’ve been buying art supplies from Blick for years and have been extremely pleased with their service, the quality of their products and the fast delivery time that it takes to receive an order.



In its third generation of family ownership, Blick Art Materials understands the importance of values and commitment. They’re not just interested in selling art supplies, but are in the business of building relationships. This is clearly seen in their commitment to supporting art education in communities and through their Art Room Aid program. They also offer hundreds of free art lesson plans to help teachers discover ways of using art materials to engage and encourage students of all ages.



I’m thrilled to have Blick Art Materials as one of the sponsors of the You be the Judge art contest 2013. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $200 Gift Card from Blick Art Materials! It can be used online at Blick’s website or in any of their retail stores.


To learn more about Blick Art Materials and their superior customer service, fantastic selection, value pricing and quality products, I highly recommend taking a look at their website at

For all of the details about the contest visit You can also vote for your favorite work of art to help decide who the Grand Prize winner will be. The deadline for voting is Sunday, June 16, 2013 by 11:59 pm EST.