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The Choice is Yours

Whether you’re trying to decide what colors to mix on your palette, debating over what your next painting subject will be, or what brushes to use for your next masterpiece, having the option to choose is always more inspiring than being stuck with only one solution for a desired outcome. Because of this, I prefer […]

National Treasure

With the hope of finding priceless artifacts from ancient civilizations, or the drive to unlock hidden treasures, explorers have traveled around, beneath, above, and even beyond our world. Sailing across uncharted miles of ocean, plunging deep within its depths to the vast, dark abyss below, or taking flight into the atmosphere above, dedicated men and women have […]

Live Q&A Studio Session

I recently had the opportunity to answer questions relating to art, painting portraits, etc., during a live Q&A studio session on Facebook and just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the event. For those who were not able to attend, here’s video of the event in it’s entirety. Also, if you would like to […]

Thinking Inside the Box

When it comes to creativity, artists are often encouraged to approach the task of problem-solving in a unique way that goes beyond the obvious, challenging them to look for solutions from every possible angle in order to gain a different perspective and greater insight into their subject. This approach involves what is often referred to […]

Packing a Portrait Painting

In art, everything is about presentation. Not only is this true of the work that appears on canvas, but also in how you present that work to others. After investing countless hours into your latest work of art, it’s just as important to take some extra time to make sure that it arrives safely at its intended destination […]

Painting a Portrait in Oil

When it comes to applying paint to canvas, there are many different approaches that an artist can choose in order to achieve the final result. Many of these decisions often depend on an artist’s particular way of thinking, the subject matter, the medium being used, etc. Here’s a short time-lapse video of one approach to painting […]

Painting Portraits: Materials & Equipment

I’m often asked about the materials and equipment that I use when painting portraits, so I’ve put together a video describing these “tools of the trade” in detail. In addition to talking about the palette, brushes, canvas and palette knives, I’ve also included a list of all of the colors that I use on a daily […]