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Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays? Would you like to surprise the artist in your life with a gift that they can use for years to come? If so, instructional art DVD’s may be just what you’ve been looking for.

I’ll be running a special 25% off all of my instructional art DVDs and downloads through the end of December.

The series focuses on teaching the fundamental principles of painting so that you can apply this same knowledge to your own work, no matter what subject you choose to paint. The principles of Drawing, Value, Color and Edges are taught in visual detail with examples from painters of the past, painting demonstrations, palette mixing demonstrations as well as charts and visual aids to help the viewer fully understand each principle. Each video was professionally filmed using different camera angles and close ups, giving the viewer the experience of being right there in the studio.

In addition to teaching each principle separately, I’ve also produced a DVD which demonstrates how to use all four principles together at one time when painting. This video also focuses on painting outdoor light and demonstrates how to create the illusion of sunlight in your painting by using the four principles of Drawing, Value, Color and Edges.

I’ve done my best to pack as much information into these DVDs so that you, too, can apply these same principles to your own work. There are a total of over 16 hours of instruction!

To receive the 25% discount, just type in the code NEHER2011 at checkout. I also wanted to mention that you can save even more if you buy the entire set together. By doing so, each DVD comes to less than $30 each!

Click here for more information about the DVDs. You can also click on any one of the images below for more information and to see clips from each video.


Holiday Complete Set

Holiday Drawing

Holiday Value


Holiday Edges

Holiday Outdoor Lighting