Every great painting leaves you with a feeling of wanting more. More, in terms of time to view it. It’s a feeling of recognizing beauty and excellence and wanting to absorb as much of it as possible. Part of the appreciation for excellence and craftsmanship is the fact that it is somewhat of a rarity these days. People notice something different about a great work of art. It somehow pulls out an emotional response from inside of them. The greater the work, the greater the emotion. This is why it is so important to strive to make each new painting better than the last. By doing so, you move closer to this goal called excellence.

Mediocrity has no place in art. For that matter, it has no place in history. All of the great accomplishments of the past are remembered because of people and events that rose above mediocrity.

Every great composer of music is remembered for their masterful compositions and arrangements of notes which are strung together to produce a beautiful song. A great composer does not leave some notes of a song sharp or flat because he doesn’t feel like taking the time to solve the complexities involved in writing music. He painstakingly works out every note in the song in order to make the whole piece work together. A painting, when viewed, is like listening to the artist’s song. If a song is off key or difficult to listen to, you probably won’t want to hear it again. The same holds true for a painting. If the values, color or drawing are “off key” it is like listening to a bad song every time you lay eyes on the painting.

With each new painting we are once again presented with the opportunity to go beyond what we think we are able to achieve and to reach towards that ultimate goal of excellence. Today’s impossibilities are tomorrow’s accomplishments.