Learning is a lifelong process and the education that can be gained along the way is limitless for those who are willing to put in the time and effort that is needed to reach their goals. Having access to great art resources is vital to an artist’s education. There’s nothing like standing in front of an original, full sized painting and viewing every brush stroke, color and value exactly as the artist had intended for it to be seen. This firsthand look not only produces a rush of artistic adrenaline, but is also extremely beneficial when studying the work of a particular artist. In order to do this, it often requires having access to art museums, galleries or private collections. Since this isn’t always possible, I’ve found that owning great art books which contain excellent reproductions of the work of some of my favorite artists is the next best thing to seeing an original. I first began collecting books as an art student in college and count them among some of the best investments that I’ve made over the years when it comes to my art education. I’m constantly on the lookout for new publications that contain clear, full color images to study from.

One of the best art books that I’ve come across in recent years is Nicolai Fechin: The Art and the Life by Fechin Art Reproductions. This book contains some of the most outstanding reproductions of Nicolai Fechin’s work available, many of which I had never seen before.


NPG 5837; Boris Karloff by Nicolai Fechin


This 462 page hardcover book contains 427 color plates to study from! Most of these color plates are large, full page images that allow you to get a closer look at each painting. I’ve written about this publication here on my blog a few months ago, but wanted to give you a glimpse inside the book so that you, too, can see the superior quality for yourself. Here’s a short video that I’ve put together about Nicolai Fechin: The Art and the Life:

If you’re in the market for a tremendous resource on the work of Nicolai Fechin, I would highly recommend taking a look at Nicolai Fechin: The Art and the Life. Not only is this book the most comprehensive resource available when it comes to Fechin’s work, but it’s also one of the very few that is written in English.



Fechin Art Reproductions has built a strong reputation for producing high quality books and reproductions over the years and is a source of historical expertise on both the life and work of Nicolai Fechin. In addition to publishing several books and reproductions, Fechin Art Reproductions also hosts a variety of art workshops during the year. These workshops provide students with an exclusive opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experience from outstanding instructors. Each all-inclusive workshop is limited to twenty students and takes place in an intimate environment which maximizes personal artistic growth.

Located in the Taos Ski Valley, the elegant European Hotel St. Bernard is available exclusively to participants in the workshop program. Professional chefs and staff provide savory meals, valet service and other amenities that are sure to make your workshop experience an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime.


Fechin workshops are held in the beautiful Taos Ski Valley.


Interior of the Hotel St. Bernard

I’m honored to have Fechin Art Reproductions as one of the sponsors of the You be the Judge art contest 2013. The winner of the Grand Prize package will receive a hardcover copy of Nicolai Fechin: The Art and the Life! You can help decide who the Grand Prize winner will be by voting for your favorite work of art. To learn more about the art contest visit

To learn more about Fechin Art Reproductions and all of their workshops and publications, including Nicolai Fechin: The Art and the Life, visit