One of the most important facets of an artist’s career involves getting your work seen in front of a target audience. Strategic marketing could mean the difference between selling your latest masterpiece or having it hang on your studio wall for years to come. No matter how talented an artist may be, if their work is never seen outside of the studio then no one will ever have the opportunity to know about it. If one of your goals in creating art is to sell it to others so that they, too, can have the opportunity to enjoy it (and afford you the opportunity to earn a living), then it’s important to know who your audience is and finding ways to reach that target market. This may sound obvious at first, but carrying out this task isn’t always as easy as it seems. As artists, we would much rather be concentrating on mixing colors and comparing values each day rather than spending time trying to find prospective clients who might be interested in buying our work. Effective marketing takes a lot of effort and time, so it’s important to decide which avenues would best help you in reaching your goals so that your time spent out of the studio has as much impact as your time spent at the easel. Whether you choose to market through advertisements, brokers, galleries, social media or word of mouth, it’s important to recognize which outlets are reaching your specific audience so that you, too, can effectively leverage that success when choosing how and who you want to market your work to.

For years, Fine Art Connoisseur magazine has been reaching a specific audience of art collectors and enthusiasts who are passionate about high-quality artwork, while giving them the tools necessary to make better purchasing decisions. With its top-quality writers, elegant paper, rich color plates and beautiful design, it’s easy to see why Fine Art Connoisseur is attracting an ever-growing readership that is passionate about high-quality artworks and the fascinating stories around them. The magazine delivers innovative articles about representational paintings, sculpture, decorative arts and items of connoisseurship, which may include timepieces, antiques, high-end automotive, jewelry, fashion and decorative items.


As a widely consulted platform for the world’s most knowledgeable experts, Fine Art Connoisseur also educates its readers on historical American, European and Russian masters from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries as well as the finest contemporary master artists. Among some of my favorite painters whose work has been showcased include John Singer Sargent and Anders Zorn, as well as many of today’s modern masters like Richard Schmid and Quang Ho.

Ena and Betty, Daughters of Asher and Mrs Wertheimer 1901 by John Singer Sargent 1856-1925

Painting by John Singer Sargent


Watercolor by Anders Zorn


Painting by Richard Schmid


Painting by Quang Ho

In addition to featuring the finest artworks and artists, Fine Art Connoisseur also covers the museums, galleries, fairs, auction houses, and private collections where great art is found. Each issue contains ongoing features and sections that are most relevant to today’s savvy collector and art investor. Go behind the scenes and take a look into private homes and clubs that house important art collections that are rarely seen by the public in their Hidden Collections section. Collectors can also gain a wealth of information about building and managing their growing art holdings by reading commentaries from some of the art world’s key experts in the Collecting & Investing section.

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Fine Art Connoisseur also publishes an incredible free weekly e-newsletter, Fine Art Today, which I highly recommend taking a look at. It contains some fantastic articles and images that are sure to inform and inspire you each week.

Not only can you find Fine Art Connoisseur in Barnes & Noble locations from coast to coast as well as hundreds of newsstands through Ingram and Hudson Booksellers, but you can also take it wherever you go. It’s available in both print and digital format, giving you access to the information that you’re looking for whenever you need it.


Fine Art Connoisseur is available in both print and digital format.

If you’re not familiar with Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, I would highly recommend visiting their website at to learn more about this highly informative publication.

I’m honored to have Fine Art Connoisseur as one of the sponsors of the You be the Judge art contest 2013. The Grand Prize winner will have the opportunity to have their work seen by readers around the world in a half page ad in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine! If you get a chance, be sure to take a minute and vote for your favorite work of art to help decide who will win the Grand Prize package worth over $10,000! For all of the details about the art contest visit