I recently had the opportunity to try out the Lukas 1862 professional oil paints which are made in Germany and imported to the United States exclusively for Jerry’s Artarama, the largest online discount art supplier. I was curious to see how the paint would compare to other brands that I’ve used over the years and decided to put them to the test on one of my recent portrait commissions.

After opening up the first tube, I was immediately impressed with the high pigment content and standard of quality that goes into the making of each color. The colors were bright straight out of the tube, allowing me the ability to achieve a wide range of flesh tones and grays that can be mixed when painting portraits.


Lukas has been perfecting their paint for nearly 150 years in order to meet the high standards of their customers which have included Vincent Van Gogh.



There were a couple of noticeable differences that I found when using Lukas 1862, as compared to other well known brands. The first is that the Lukas brand has a slightly more fluid consistency than the others that I have used over the years, allowing for some beautiful wet into wet transitions and soft edges that can be made during the painting process.

The other distinguishing quality was the actual drying time of the paint itself. As with other brands of oil paint, some colors may take up to a week or so to dry to the touch, but the Lukas brand paint set up in just a matter of days, allowing me to continue working on top of these previous layers. This was very helpful in the refining stages of the portrait. I often use my fingers when softening certain areas of a face and it’s important to be sure that you’re not removing paint when working this way, so the previous, quick drying stage worked to my advantage in this situation.

One of the unique qualities about the Lukas 1862 paint is that they use bees wax as one of the ingredients in each of their colors. My wife immediately fell in love with the paint just for that fact, alone, since she comes from a family of beekeepers. She’s been telling others about all of the multiple uses for honey, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bees wax for years and the Lukas paint is another great example of how it can be used to benefit artists as well.


“Will”, 10″ x 8″, painted using Lukas 1862 Oil on Linen



Here’s a short time lapse video that shows the different stages of painting Will’s portrait from start to finish.

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With Lukas 1862 oil paint, you’ll find the high quality and consistency that you would expect when using a professional grade oil paint, but at nearly half the cost of other major brands. I would highly recommend Lukas 1862 to other artists who are looking for a top quality product at an economical price.

Click here to learn more about Lukas 1862 oil paint and the wide range of colors that are available.