The works of some of the great painters of the past like John Singer Sargent, Frank Benson and Joaquin Sorolla have always inspired me as an artist. Seeing photos of each of these painters in action gives me an even greater appreciation for the astounding works that they produced. Whether it was on a sunlit beach, near a river, on a remote mountain top location or just a simple setup in the backyard, these artists took their studios with them as they traveled. By painting on location, they were able to see and capture the ever changing light on their subjects. When working this way, having portable equipment that would hold up to the challenges and demands of travel became an important concern for each of them.


John Singer Sargent


Frank Benson


Joaquin Sorolla

Today, artists have the opportunity to not only take their painting studio with them on location, but to do so in a lightweight, compact system by using a pochade box. The French word “pochade” refers to a quickly executed sketch or study that can also be translated as “small painting”. A “pochade box” includes the palette/panel holder, wet-panel storage unit and the outer case, all in one compact design. These portable boxes are used by plein air painters around the world and have become one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for artists on the go.



When it comes to deciding which company makes the best pochade box available, it doesn’t get any better than Open Box M, Inc. They are dedicated to making the artist’s painting experience more enjoyable by producing the most lightweight, durable and portable plein air equipment found anywhere. For almost 25 years, Open Box M, Inc. has been providing a very reliable solution for artists by attaching a plein air easel to a 35mm camera tripod. This not only allows for a lighter set up, but also offers more portable flexibility for the traveling artist.


Committed to providing as many American made products as possible, Open Box M, Inc. supports local craftsmen and manufacturers who help provide their customers with the highest standard of equipment that they have come to rely on. Each box is handcrafted from Black Walnut and Baltic Birch woods which is then hand rubbed with Deft Danish Oil. Because of the superior quality and craftsmanship that goes into each pochade box, the current delivery time is anywhere between two and six weeks once the order has been placed. In many ways, Open Box M, Inc. is producing unique, one of a kind works of art that will last for years to come.

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