As an artist, I am constantly seeking to learn more about art, particularly as it applies to painting. This ongoing education takes place in art museums, visiting and talking with other artists, looking at great reproductions in art books as well as scouring the internet for information. Each of these resources has played a vital role in my own education and the information that I have picked up along the way cannot be overstated. Over the past few years, when talking with artists, I noticed that many were searching for answers that would help them in their own education but, for various reasons, did not have access to the information that they were looking for. For many, this information was vital in order to advance as a painter. Most of the art related questions that I am asked about fall into one or more of these categories: Drawing, Value, Color and Edges. These four subjects are actually the foundational principles of representational art and act as the building blocks of painting. By understanding each of these four principles and how they work together, the artist is then given the freedom to express themselves through whatever subject, medium or technique that they choose to use.

With this in mind, I wanted to help artists find the information that they were looking for so that they, too, could reach their goals. Because of this, I began working on a DVD project last year that focuses on teaching the principles of Drawing, Value, Color and Edges as they apply specifically to painting. As a result, I have produced a DVD for each of the four principles in order to give artists as much information as possible. These four principles have guided great painters of the past and govern every decision that the artist makes during the painting process. In addition, I have also produced a fifth DVD which demonstrates how to use all four principles together at one time while painting a head study. This DVD places an emphasis on how to paint outdoor light and includes bonus footage in addition to the demonstration.


Neher Signature Training Series

For more information about this series, or to see video clips from each DVD, just visit the store section of my website. Take care and I wish you all the best in your art education!