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Learn how to paint the effects of outdoor light by applying the principles of Drawing, Value, Color and Edges. Brian demonstrates how to paint a head study from start to finish while explaining the reasoning behind the decisions that are being made when painting this type of light.

This set includes 8 hours of instruction.



Learn how to paint the effects of outdoor light by applying the principles of Drawing, Value, Color and Edges. Brian demonstrates how to paint a head study from start to finish while explaining the reasoning behind the decisions that are being made when painting this type of light.

By exploring the subject of outdoor light, Brian explains the importance of each of the following so that you, too, can apply these principles in your own painting:

Accuracy in measuring
Establishing reference points to use as guides
Keying your painting higher or lower in value
Using color temperature changes to create volume
How to use complimentary colors
Working within a limited value range
The importance of value relationships

Dedicated camera shots of the artistic palette as well as close ups of the work in progress provide the viewer with as much information as possible.

Bonus Material is also included in this DVD which discusses the differences between indoor and outdoor light, value relationships and using warm and cool temperature changes when painting outdoor light. A palette demonstration of how to mix flesh tones is also included in this additional material.

4 reviews for Painting Outdoor Light Download

  1. Brian Jekel

    “Thirty years ago, I began expressing to my art students the importance of having a good library of books . I also said that if you would have just one book it should be Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis. Ten years ago, I added that if there were 2 books in your library it should be Creative Illustration and also Alla Prima by Richard Schmid. This year I added The Principles of Painting, a 4 DVD set by Brian Neher, to those two books. What these resources have in common is that they are all packed with information. Brian starts with the basics of sound drawing and builds with the fundamentals of painting that you would expect from a good art school. The DVD’s are filled with demos and examples that complement Brian’s clear explanations. Brian is articulate and thoughtful in his presentations. I highly recommend these DVD’s to anybody who is serious about being an artist or someone who would like to get started in painting.”

  2. Tisha Robinson

    “I have been a fan of Joe Bowler, the renowned portrait artist, for almost 30 years. I was so excited when I learned about Brian Neher and that he has been a Bowler student for over 15 years. Neher’s work is extraordinary, and one can definitely see the great influence that Bowler has had on his work. I couldn’t wait to purchase all of his videos so that I could learn more from him, especially the “Painting Outdoor Light” DVD. I am thrilled about how my color skills have improved since reviewing the video set. I now truly understand about how important color temperature is and how it can help turn the form and how to create “grays” that yield believable flesh tones. I often leave the videos running on my computer next to me while I paint, so I get to hear the principles over and over. It’s like having Neher teaching me in my own studio. The DVDs are very well done and extremely thorough on teaching the techniques. It is totally worth the money for artists on any level to help further their skills.”

  3. Kyle Keith

    “Brian Neher’s video instruction series is by far one of the finest and most informative series on painting available. Brian’s approach to teaching is thorough and fundamental, giving the student who is eager for real knowledge the information they need in order to understand the guiding principles of value, color and light. I particularly enjoyed the way in which Brian presented his examples. As an Instructor, his illustrations helped me to clarify my own teaching approach, and I believe my students have benefited greatly as a result. Brian Neher’s portraits are stunning, filled with the mystery of light and color. In his video series, “The Principles of Painting”, Brian shares the same knowledge that has helped him to create such memorable works. He makes the information easy to grasp and remember. I appreciate that Brian did not focus on himself in the series but really focused on educating the artist in a clear and plain spoken manner, with the same commitment that he pours into each of his paintings.”

  4. Anne Campbell, author at Home Educating Family Association

    Painting Outdoor Light is the culmination of the art principles covered in the Four Principles of Painting series. This seven-disc set provides eight hours of discussion and demonstrations. In Painting Outdoor Light, Brian Neher invites viewers into his studio as he lectures in a conversational tone. This set is appropriate for students of more advanced art skill levels. However, anyone will benefit from the concepts taught in these DVDs by gaining a better understanding and appreciation of art. Mr. Neher even refers to specific nineteenth century painters and how they used the principles of outdoor light.

    In our homeschool, the Painting Outdoor Light DVDs have become a family event. My high school student is watching them as part of an art history course for a fine arts credit. My middle school student is watching them in preparation for a hands-on art class. (Actually, my youngest son could watch Mr. Neher mix colors all day!)

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