Over the years, art books have played an important role in my education and development as an artist. I’m always on the lookout for those large format books that contain full page, color reproductions in order to study from. These are the books that help to motivate and inspire me to paint each time that I open them up. They also serve as tools for helping to solve problems in my own paintings. If I’m having difficulty with a particular area of a painting, I’ll pull a book off the shelf which contains images of paintings with similar subjects and lighting situations to the one that I’m working on. This gives me the opportunity to see how master painters have solved these same problems in their own work and gives me clues as to how I can go about solving them as well.

Richard Schmid2 copy

In addition to the Alla Prima book that I wrote about a few days ago, master painter, Richard Schmid, has written, The Landscapes, as part of the Grand Prize.

This amazing hard cover edition is 268 pages and contains over 300 images! It’s the largest collection of Richard Schmid’s landscape paintings ever compiled in a single book.

Richard Schmid Landscapes blog copy

When it comes to the subject of landscapes, Richard Schmid is a modern master at capturing every season on canvas. His commitment and dedication to excellence can be seen in every painting that is showcased in this beautiful book which measures 11” x 14”.


“White Pine”


“Fort Collins Winter”

Buttermilk Falls 12x23 Oil

“Buttermilk Falls”

Richard Schmid - Telluride - 1993


Schmid Richard, Adele in Our Garden

“Adele In Our Garden”

MuleDeer12x18 Oil

“Mule Deer”


Richard Schmid Brian Neher

“Blue Cottage”

In addition to his books, Richard has also produced a series of instructional DVD’s that I highly recommend. To learn more about Richard Schmid and his work visit www.richardschmid.com.