Having the right equipment to use when painting can mean the difference between getting the results that you’re after or spending the day frustrated, especially when it comes to brushes. There’s nothing like using a brand new, chiseled brush that holds its shape and provides just the right amount of spring and flexibility that are needed when painting. When having access to these vital tools is not possible, artists can often become quite creative and improvise if needed. Working with worn or inferior brushes is one thing, but what do you do when you don’t have any paint brushes to work with? The great painter, Sir Alfred Munnings, found himself in that very predicament and wrote about it in his book, An Artist’s Life. Here’s a paragraph describing the scene:

“Once on Exmoor, not long ago, I arrived by car at Cloud Farm to paint Bagsworthy Water, some twelve miles away, and found I had forgotten my brushes. I have developed the habit of carrying my brushes separately in a brown-paper roll. A box holds a miserable handful, and I like at least one big brush among the twenty or thirty I choose to take. With no brushes, I viciously chewed the ends of pieces of wood, tied paint-rags on sticks, sought out minute fir-cones washed down in spate to the stream’s bank, some of these matted with fine strands of grass. A teazle was a grand thing on such an occasion. Cursing and raging – not to be beaten, I found that with these tools I could do a lot, and the final result was much the same as if I had used brushes. I returned next day. Conditions were the same. I sat in the same place near the roaring foam. I made the same design and painted another picture; this time with brushes. Afterwards, placing the two canvases side by side, and standing back to look, they appeared exactly the same, four yards away.”

Painting by Sir Alfred Munnings

Munnings was a master painter and I don’t doubt that the two results looked similar when viewed from a distance, but I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be as fortunate in getting the results that I was after in portrait painting if I were required to use the same improvised equipment. In order to have full control of each stroke that goes onto the canvas, I need a brush that can retain its shape while holding a good amount of paint. It must also have just the right amount of flexibility when pressed against the canvas and be able to stand up to rigorous painting sessions.

Silver Brush Limited has been making the perfect brushes for artists of all mediums for twenty-two years. Each brush is perfectly balanced and shaped to fit the hand, using only the best quality materials and highest standards of craftsmanship.


From natural bristles to synthetics, Silver Brush offers an unsurpassed selection of brushes in a vast choice of shapes, sizes and hair blends that are ideal for every painting media and artists of all skill levels. I’ve been using Silver Brush products for years and have been extremely pleased with the consistent quality of the brushes and the results that they produce. I especially like using the Grand Prix Filberts and Flats when blocking in or working on large areas of a painting.


Grand Prix Premium White Bristle Brushes

When a more finished and refined look is required on a portrait, I prefer to use the Ruby Satin Flats and Filberts. These synthetic brushes are extremely durable and have the feel and control of interlocked bristle. These are among some of my favorite brushes that I use on a daily basis.


Ruby Satin Synthetic Brushes


Here’s an example of using a Ruby Satin brush during a head study demonstration while filming Painting Outdoor Light

Silver Brush Limited and top professional artists have teamed up to put together a variety of brush sets which include some of the favorite Silver Brushes that they use in their own studio. Among such noted artists is Michael Shane Neal. With a choice between the Bravura Basic Set of ten brushes and the Bravura Professional thirty-five brush set, you’re sure to find a perfect match that meets both your painting needs as well as your budget.


Shane shares some of his thoughts and experiences about using Silver Brush in the following letter:


In addition to the huge selection of brushes that they offer, Silver Brush also carries a selection of quality storage and brush cases.


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