When it comes to choosing which brushes to use when painting commissioned portraits, Silver Brush Limited is at the top of my list. I’ve used a variety of their brushes over the years and am very familiar with the high quality and craftsmanship that goes into each one. Some of my favorites are the Ruby Satin flats and filberts. Unlike other synthetic brushes, these will far outlast any others that I use.

Many artists prefer to get rid of a brush once it loses its shape, but I tend to use a brush at every stage of its life, whether it has a sharp point or edge to it or if it looks like a soft cotton ball on the end of a stick. When it reaches this later stage, I’ve found that the Ruby Satins work great for softening edges or creating subtle transitions in color or value by working into wet paint.

Silver Brush Limited has donated their newest brush set, the Bart Lindstrom Adagio Portrait Set, as part of the Grand Prize package in the “You be the Judge” art contest.

BL-1912_Lindstrom_Adagio_12_pc_set_ copy

The set includes the following brushes:

• 2 Bristlon round brushes (Size #2)

• 2 Bristlon bright brushes (Sizes #4 and #6)

• 4 Bristlon filbert brushes ( Sizes #2, 4, 6 and 8)

• 2 Ruby Satin round brushes (Size #2)

• 1 Ruby Satin filbert brush (Size #4)

• 1 Silver Mop Sky Wash brush

Bristlon Bright3 copy

Bristlon Filbert3 copy

Bristlon Round3 copy

Ruby Satin Filbert3 copy

Silver Mop Sky copy

If you’ve never tried Silver Brushes before, I highly recommend them. You will notice the difference when you experience how each of these brushes performs when painting. I’ve used Silver Brush products for over ten years and am excited about having the opportunity to share this same quality with you as well.

Brian Neher Outdoor Light DVD Silver Brush

An example of using a Silver Brush Ruby Satin in my instructional art DVD, Painting Outdoor Light

You can learn more about Silver Brush Limited and see their complete selection of brushes and products at www.silverbrush.com.

Click here for more information about how to enter the “You be the Judge” art contest for a chance to win this complete set of professional artist brushes.