As visual learners, artists tend to grasp concepts more effectively by actually seeing principles put into action. Nothing compares to having the opportunity of studying art firsthand, under the guided instruction of an experienced professional.

Located in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, the Scottsdale Artists’ School has been consistently providing unique opportunities like this for artists of all levels over the past 30 years through their outstanding workshops and classes. When the school was started back in 1983 the goal was simple: Provide a place where artists of all skill levels could learn from the best working artists in the country and to be able to discuss problems and solutions with other artists. Out of that idea grew one of the most well known and respected representational art schools in the country. In addition to offering a wide array of classes for painters, the Scottsdale Artists’ School has built a reputation as one of the finest sculpture schools in the United States with classes being taught by some of the foremost sculptors of our time. The school’s success has always been based on the quality of their instructors, all of whom are working, professional artists who come from all over the world to teach.








In addition to providing some of the best art instruction in the country, the Scottsdale Artists’ School also provides an ideal location for artists to be inspired. Because the school is located in the middle of the Scottsdale art district, one of the most vibrant art communities in the United States, students have convenient access to the numerous world renowned art galleries which showcase some of the finest examples in representational art from some of today’s modern masters.


I’ve been following the steady growth of the Scottsdale Artists’ School over the years and have been extremely impressed with their dedication to promoting excellence in representational art. With over 160 workshops and classes to offer, artists can choose from a variety of professional artists to study under. With that in mind, I’m extremely honored to have the Scottsdale Artists’ School as one of the sponsors of this year’s You be the Judge art contest. The Grand Prize winner will have the opportunity to choose a workshop of their choice valued at up to $600 from the Scottsdale Artists’ School! This is an incredible opportunity for the Grand Prize winner to experience one on one instruction from some fantastic professional artists such as Phil Beck, Ned Jacob, Matt Smith, Nancy Guzik, Kevin Beilfuss, Romel de la Torre, Edward Eyth, Tony Pro, Carolyn Anderson, Joseph Todorovitch, Ryan Brown, Casey Baugh and David Shevlino. This is one prize that could have a tremendous impact on your art career and has the potential to push you to the next level in your studies. Travel and lodging expenses are not included in the Scottsdale Artists’ School experience.

To find out how you can enter the art contest for a chance to win this once in a lifetime opportunity visit To learn more about the Scottsdale Artists’ School and all of the incredible courses that they offer visit where you can also download a current workshop catalog.