When it comes to studying great painters of the past, it doesn’t get any better than John Singer Sargent. His work never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Whether it’s the confidence shown in each brush stroke or the beautiful value relationships that are seen throughout his paintings, Sargent’s work has it all.


When it comes to finding great books about Sargent, Yale University Press publishes the very best. They have set the standard for what qualifies as a great art book. As an artist, I’m looking for books that have the best reproductions possible so that I can study each area of a painting, just as I would if I were actually standing in front of the original in a museum. The quality of Yale’s reproductions is so good that I will actually use a magnifying glass in order to get a closer look at subtle details in a painting.

Yale University Press is also the only publisher that I’ve found that continues to surprise me with each new book that they publish about Sargent. I’m always thrilled when I discover a painting that I’ve never seen before and Yale’s books always contain plenty of them. I own at least seven books on Sargent that were published by Yale University Press and they are among my favorites to study. I cannot emphasize enough how important each one of these books has been to me over the years in my own personal study of Sargent’s work. If you’re looking for a book of superior quality, I highly recommend Yale University Press.

Here are some examples of the great books that they have published about John Singer Sargent.







Yale University Press has donated a hard cover edition of their book, John Singer Sargent Figures and Landscapes, 1883 – 1899 as part of the Grand Prize package in the new “You be the Judge” art contest. This book is 392 pages and weighs about 6 pounds! It’s actually one of two items in the prize package that I don’t currently own, but am definitely planning on buying in the future. It’s an honor to be able to share the outstanding quality of Yale University Press as part of this year’s contes

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I also wanted to mention that Yale University Press will be releasing a new book about Sargent in June of this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for it as well. The title of that book is John Singer Sargent Figures and Landscapes, 1900 – 1907.

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For more information about Yale University Press or any of the books that I’ve mentioned here, visit yalepress.yale.edu.

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