After much anticipation over the past few months, I’m excited to announce the final results of the You be the Judge art contest 2013! The Grand Prize round was by far one of the most exciting and engaging events yet, producing thousands upon thousands of votes from viewers all over the world! I just want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest. Without your support, none of this would have been possible. The You be the Judge art contest began as an idea a couple of years ago and has grown much larger than I could have ever imagined. It’s an art contest unlike any other, in that it puts you, the viewers, in control of the outcome and encourages anyone who wishes to participate to do so. Whether you’re an artist who is entering a contest for the first time or one who simply appreciates the beauty of representational art, this contest provides unique opportunities and experiences for everyone.

If you get a chance, be sure to take a minute and voice your opinion of the You be the Judge art contest 2013 in this short survey. While there, you can also make suggestions of what you would like to see in a future You be the Judge art contest.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Here are the winners of the You be the Judge art contest 2013:

Brian_Neher_You_be_the_Judge_art_contest_2013_final_results_Osiris_Rain_In_Search_of_Sustenance_30x24in_oiloncanvas_Grand Prize

Grand Prize winner: Osiris Rain

Brian_Neher_You_be_the_Judge_art_contest_2013_final_results_Cunningham_TJ_Addison_ Skies_ 36inx48in_Oil_on_Linen

Second Place: TJ Cunningham

Brian_Neher_You_be_the_Judge_art_contest_2013_final_results_Dye_Michal_Live_Model_1_11inx13in_conte_pencil_on_paper copy

Third Place: Michal Dye