After weeks of voting and anticipation, here are the 15 finalists for the You be the Judge Grand Prize round! Each one of these paintings received the highest number of votes from you, the viewers, during the bi-weekly contests that have led up to our final round. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one of these artists will win the incredible Grand Prize package that will help to educate, inspire and equip them in reaching their artistic goals.

I’ve added three new finalists from last week’s bi-weekly contest which turned out to be the highest voter participation yet! The number of votes received has steadily increased throughout the contest and, based on previous bi-weekly results, this Grand Prize round is sure to be an extremely tight race.

Remember, the painting that receives the highest number of votes during this round will be awarded the Grand Prize package which includes products from the following sponsors:

Richard Schmid hardcover edition of his book, The Landscapes

Richard Schmid signed, hardcover edition of his book, Alla Prima

Joe Bowler 3 disc DVD set

Dan Gerhartz signed, harcover edition of his book, Not Far from Home

Brian Neher complete set of instructional art DVDs

American Artist magazine one year digital subscription to either American Artist magazine, Watercolor or Drawing magazine

ASW Express $100 in Lukas 1862 Oil Paint

Blick Art Materials $50 gift card

Jack Richeson $200 Award Certificate that can be redeemed for Oil, Casein, Watercolor or Acrylic paint

Jerry’s Artarama $100 gift card

Silver Brush Limited Bart Lindstrom Adagio Portrait Set

Yale University Press hardcover edition of their book, John Singer Sargent, Figures and Landscapes, 1883 – 1899

Here’s how the voting works:

Below each painting you will find the artist’s name, title, dimensions and medium. There’s also an assigned number for each painting which matches the number and description that you will find in the drop down menu of the voting box at the bottom of this page. Once you’ve viewed all of the paintings and are ready to vote for your favorite, simply follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to cast your vote. Keep in mind that only one vote is allowed per computer, so make it count!

Voting will take place from nown until 11:59 p.m. EST on Saturday, April 28th, 2012. The artist whose work receives the highest number of votes at the end of this time period will be the winner of the Grand Prize package.

The second place winner will receive a download version of my entire set of instructional art videos (Drawing, Value, Color, Edges, and Painting Outdoor Light)

The third place winner will receive a download version of my instructional art video, Painting Outdoor Light.

Good luck!

Grand Prize closing copy