Thank you to everyone who voted in last week’s You be the Judge bi-weekly contest! Once again, it was an extremely tight race, with only 8 votes separating the top five paintings which received the highest vote count! In fact, one more vote would have resulted in a tie for third place! If a situation like that were to occur, both artists who received the same number of votes would be awarded a digital ribbon and both would be finalists in the Grand Prize round. Remember, every vote is extremely important to each of these artists, so be sure to take a minute and help them move one step closer to their goal by voting for your favorite painting.

Click here to see the three finalists from last week’s bi-weekly contest #3. In addition to being a finalist in the upcoming Grand Prize round next month, each of these artists will also receive a free download of one of my instructional art videos (Drawing, Value, Color or Edges).

There is only one more bi-weekly contest left before the Grand Prize round! If you want to submit your artwork, now is your last chance to do so. The final day for accepting submissions is Saturday, March 31, by 11:59 p.m. EST. After that, it’s on to the much anticipated Grand Prize round for a chance to win an incredible prize package which consists of items from Jack Richeson Co., American Artist Magazine, Blick Art Materials, Silver Brush Limited, Yale University Press, Jerry’s Artarama, ASW Express, Richard Schmid, Joe Bowler and Dan Gerhartz.

Here are 15 new paintings for viewers to vote on.

Click here to see the winners of the third bi-weekly contest.

Click here for more information about how to enter the “You be the Judge” art contest for a chance to win an incredible Grand Prize package!

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