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Well, we’ve reached the halfway point in the You be the Judge art contest with our third bi-weekly contest starting today. Thank you to all of the artists who have entered the contest so far and for those who have participated in the voting process. Speaking of votes, the results for the last bi-weekly contest are in and the three paintings that received the highest vote counts have been awarded a digital ribbon, indicating that they are now a finalist in the upcoming Grand Prize round which will take place in April. Those artists will also receive a download of their choice from my instructional art video series (Drawing, Value, Color or Edges).

This last bi-weekly contest was extremely close, with a difference of only five votes separating second and fifth place! This just goes to show how much each vote counts. One vote could mean the difference between making it to the final round for a chance to win the Grand Prize.

Here are 15 new paintings to vote on, starting today, in the third bi-weekly contest. Remember, it’s up to you to decide who the winners will be by voting for your favorite painting. The voting process for this particular group of paintings will end on Saturday, March 17th at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Below each painting you will find the artist’s name, title, dimensions and medium. There’s also an assigned number for each painting which matches the number and description that you will find in the voting box at the bottom of this page.

Once you’ve viewed all of the paintings and are ready to vote for your favorite, simply follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to cast your vote. Keep in mind that only one vote is allowed per computer, so make it count! At the end of the two week period I’ll add up the totals and award three more digital ribbons to the paintings that receive the highest number of votes.

On March 19th, I’ll post another 15 paintings from the entries that I’ve received so far and viewers will again have the opportunity to be the “Judge” by voting for their favorite.

There are only two more bi-weekly contests left before the Grand Prize round, so if you were thinking about entering the contest, now is the time to do it.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated in the contest so far and for all of the encouraging emails and positive feedback!

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Click here for more information about how to enter the You be the Judge art contest for a chance to win an incredible Grand Prize package!

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