Painting Outdoor Light Download

Painting Outdoor Light Download


This set includes 8 hours of instruction.

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Learn how to paint the effects of outdoor light by applying the principles of Drawing, Value, Color and Edges. Brian demonstrates how to paint a head study from start to finish while explaining the reasoning behind the decisions that are being made when painting this type of light.

By exploring the subject of outdoor light, Brian explains the importance of each of the following so that you, too, can apply these principles in your own painting:

Accuracy in measuring
Establishing reference points to use as guides
Keying your painting higher or lower in value
Using color temperature changes to create volume
How to use complimentary colors
Working within a limited value range
The importance of value relationships

Dedicated camera shots of the artist’s palette as well as close ups of the work in progress provide the viewer with as much information as possible.

Bonus Material is also included in this DVD which discusses the differences between indoor and outdoor light, value relationships and using warm and cool temperature changes when painting outdoor light. A palette demonstration of how to mix flesh tones is also included in this additional material.