Value DVD

Value DVD


This set includes 1 hour and 40 minutes of instruction.

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Values are different degrees of light and dark which can be measured on a scale from black to white. They provide the tools that are necessary in order to create the illusion of a third dimension. Values allow the artist to achieve a greater sense of volume and depth within a subject.

Learn how to incorporate the principles of Value into your own paintings as Brian explains the following:

The Value Scale
How to accurately recognize and judge values
Establishing a reference point to use as a guide when judging values
Value Relationships
Keying a painting higher or lower in value
How Value sets the stage on which Color performs

A painting demonstration is also included in this lesson. Watch as Brian applies the principles of Value to the subject of a paint brush while painting from life. By understanding how to effectively use Value, the artist is given a powerful tool for achieving the illusion of form and is then better prepared to understand the principles of Color and Edges.

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