Color Download

Color Download


This set includes 1 hour and 22 minutes of instruction.


Color has a way of reaching people on an emotional level unlike any other tool available to the artist. By introducing a whole new spectrum into the realm of painting, color becomes a powerful tool to use when communicating your message to the viewer.

By exploring the principles of Color, Brian explains the important role that each of the following plays during the decision making process so that you, too, can apply this same knowledge to your own painting:

The Color Wheel
Primary and Secondary Colors
Value and its relationship to Color
Warm and Cool Colors
Complimentary Colors
How to mix Grays

A palette demonstration is included in this lesson. Brian verbalizes his thought process behind mixing colors and explains how to use the Color Wheel, warm and cool colors, complimentary colors and colors that are close in value. An example of how to achieve a variety of Grays is also explained in this lesson.