Artist Joe Bowler Gold Medal Presentation


Artist Joe Bowler Gold Medal Presentation

Inspiration plays a key part in an artist’s life. It’s what motivates them to go beyond the boundaries of what they think is possible and causes ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It’s that encouraging voice inside that not only convinces you to pursue a goal that you once thought was impossible, but to stick with it until it’s been accomplished. Although I’ve met many inspiring people over the years, none has had a greater impact on my career as an artist than my friend and mentor, Joe Bowler.

Brian Neher with renowned artist, Joe Bowler

Last year, I had the opportunity to present Joe with the Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement from the Portrait Society of America. On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Joe and I attended the awards banquet dinner in Washington, D.C. through live video streaming from his home on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Those who attended the conference had the opportunity to see and hear Joe accept this prestigious award live, but I wanted to give others the opportunity to view it as well. Here are some photos from the Portrait Society of America’s annual conference last year, along with a video of Joe and his award presentation.

I would also like to express a special thanks to Matthew Innis for providing the photos from the 2014 Portrait Society of America’s annual conference. If you’re not familiar with Matt’s incredible website, I would highly recommend taking a look at the wealth of information and inspiration that is available to artists at

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